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Time to Split

Croatia's second city offers so much. We love it for the following reasons:

Diocletians Palace - no visitor to Split would miss popping in to this 4th century Palace and seeing Roman Emperor Diocletians retirement pad.  Fans of Game of Thrones will recognise the caverns. Read more here.

Exploring the old town - coffee is a way of life for some, but definitely the case here. Kick back at a cafe like Lxvor that has seats among the sphinxes (apparently stolen from Egypt!) in the colonnaded central square of the palace. After your caffeine hit, visit the Peristyle (an open air pavilion), rub the toe of the Gregory of Nin statue for good luck, before heading to Vocni Trg (also known as 'fruit square') but strangely, no fruit. Find instead a Venetian Octaganol tower and baroque architecture.

Good eating...with the proximity of the Adriatic, its no surprise seafood is prevalent, so fill up on the freshest fish, seafood risottos, scampi and squid. Equally, feast your eyes (or stomachs) on dishes of pasticada (a trademark beef stew, marinated in prune juice and wine!)

Whilst on the subject of wine, did you know the origins of wine production in Croatia go back to the time of the Ancient Greek settlers? Today the majority of Croatian wine made is white, but reaches some 50,000 tonnes a year in terms of production (enough to keep most of us happy). However in terms of wine production by country, its 30th in the league tables. Locals often have white wine 'gemist' or red wine 'becanda'...which basically means they have diluted it with a splash of water!

Beach time! Don't forget, Split is on the coast. Bacvice beach is the most favoured (by locals anyway and they tend to know) its also the only sandy beach, so have your buckets and spades at the ready. Ovcice, Firule and Znjan are also recommended. If you want to avoid the crowds the beaches below Marjan hill are generally less busy.

Last but not least, Split's waterfront, Riva, is the real pride of the city. The promenade is lined with cafes, shops and restaurants. Its a great spot for a cooling drink at any time of day, people watch to your hearts content and feel the vibe of the place.

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