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New destination : Corsica

Corsica...just for you.

We are feeling pleased with ourselves today...with the start of Corsica as our latest destination at 360 Private Villas! 

The villa additions, all modern of course, are located just off the sandy beach of Calvi in the north of the island. From our point of view these are top propositions: 900 metres from the beach is obviously highly desirable, but the set up at the estate itself demands mention. Hotel style services are available - if you like to holiday it alone then thats possible too, but if you like to pick and choose a night out (ask for the babysitter) or a night in (call for the chef) or just someone to book you a local guide (call the reception), well you know what we mean...if in doubt call!

Each villa comes with a private pool, air conditioning and WiFi as standard. Weber gas barbecues are also present. If you see what we see, long summer days munching on fine fayre, washed down with local wine (try Vin de Corse which includes several crus) before an evening spent strolling the Citadel at Calvi await.

Days out: a myriad of possibilities await ranging from boat trips to festivals. Read whats on here, via the Corsica tourist office website.

Prices at the villas start from £2310 per week (low season) to £5505 (high season) for a 3 bed villa.
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